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Are you tired of trying to figure out what to make for dinner?

Do you finally decide on a recipe just to find out you are missing the key ingredient?

Do you spend too much money on eating out?

Are you feeling guilty because you just went through the Drive Thru instead of cooking a healthy meal?

I know how you feel.

I used to dread my husband’s morning phone call because the big question always came up:

What's for dinner tonight?

And my frequent answer was:

I have no idea!

Finally, I decided to do something about it. I sat down with my favourite recipes and I designed weekly menus that come with shopping lists.

Now, every week I grab a new shopping list and head to the grocery store with confidence that I will have all the necessary ingredients to cook dinners for the week.

The stress is gone now and I can always answer the once dreaded question:

What's for dinner?

Now, I am sharing this information with you. Why? Because you have more important things to worry about than trying to figure out what to cook.

My weekly menus contain fairly simple, but tasty and kid approved recipes. My husband and kids like them and I hope you will too!

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Dinner Ideas Blog
Weekly Dinner Ideas Blog gives you updates for new recipes, menus and any other exciting happenings on our site.
Weekly Dinner Menus
Weekly dinner menus contain recipes for main dishes for the entire week. Shopping list is included.
Easy Dinner Ideas
5 day menus are full of easy dinner ideas and especially designed for people that do not cook every day of the week.
Quick Meal Ideas
Are you in need of quick meal ideas?The menus in this section of the website are designed for busy moms who want to cook nutritious dinners but do not have time to spend hours in the kitchen.
Cheap Meals
Do you need ideas for cheap meals? We created a weekly dinner menu just for you! Inexpensive but tasty recipes to help you save money.
Summer Dinner Recipes
Here are 5 day menus with shopping lists, taken from my family's favourite summer dinner recipes.
Chicken Dinner Recipes
Here is a collection of my favourite chicken dinner recipes
Beef Recipes
This is a collection of my favourite beef recipes that my family loves. they are all included in my weekly menus.
Best Ground Beef Recipes
Here is my family's collection of what we call "best ground beef recipes".
Pork Recipes
A collection of my family's favourite pork recipes that are also included in my weekly dinner menus.
Veal Recipes
My family's favourite veal recipes that are also included in the weekly menus.
Seafood Recipes
Seafood recipes is a collection of my family's favourite seafood dishes.
Easy Pasta Recipes
Easy Pasta Recipes is my collection of favourite pasta dishes. They are easy and delicious!
Best Crockpot Recipes
Here is my collection of what I call best crockpot recipes.
Outdoor Barbeque Recipes
Here is my collection of outdoor barbeque recipes. I hope your family enjoys them!
Mexican Meal Recipes
Here is my collection of Mexican meal recipes.My family loves Mexican-inspired meals. My kids never complain when I serve enchiladas, tacos or fajitas. They always lick their plates clean.
Breakfast for Dinner
Here is a collection of my family's favourite breakfast for dinner recipes.
Sandwich Recipes
Here a collection of great sandwich recipes. My family's favorites!
Best recipes
This page is dedicated to best recipes from all the friends of Weekly Dinner Ideas.
Easy Soup Recipes
Here is my collection of easy soup recipes. I hope you enjoy it!
Easy Salad Recipes
Here is my collection of fairly easy salad recipes. My family loves them and I hope you will too!
Recipes for Potatoes
Here is a collection of my family’s favourite recipes for potatoes. My kids like them all and I hope your family will enjoy them as well!
Easy Vegetable Recipes
Here is my collection of mostly easy vegetable recipes to accompany your dinner entrées.
Weekly Dinner Planner
Weekly Dinner Planner shows you how to get full benefits from our weekly dinner menus.
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Dinner Ideas Updates will inform you if there are any new menus added to our website.
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